Changing your group health insurance plan over to a new agency is an easy process...
especially when we at Glisson Insurance

do all the work for you.

Why should I consider changing insurance agents?


Let's face it, you're too busy. You have lots of items on your plate... too many things to do. Keeping up with the changes and requirements of your company's group health insurance plan is a luxury you just don't seem to have right now. But still you wonder...

  • Is our agent making sure we have the best insurance plan available?

  • Are we paying the lowest premiums that we could be?

  • Does our agent help out with enrollment meetings and new hires?

  • Will our agent personally help solve any claims issues or billing problems?

  • Are we in compliance with all the new state and federal regulations?

  • Are we in compliance with ACA?


What you really need is an insurance agent in Bradenton and Sarasota that you can trust completely, who knows the group insurance business like the back of her hand, who has dealt with all the various carriers for almost a quarter century, who has all the contacts in the claims and billing departments, who will handle all new hires or terminations paperwork, and who keeps you current with all the new laws and legislative issues affecting employee benefit plans. In short, you want an agent that takes all these duties off of your lap, saving you time, saving you money, and saving you headaches, so that you can move forward with the other important duties of your job. 

That's what a good agent does for you.


We make changing agents easy.


Changing your group health insurance plan over to a new agency

is an easy process...
especially when we at Glisson Insurance do all the work for you.

  • Prepare an implementation schedule.

  • Conduct on-site enrollment meetings with carrier specific  materials.

  • Provide one on one access for employees who need specific help.

  • Prepare enrollment information and send to COBRA participants.

  • Collect and review all enrollment forms.

  • Prepare necessary employer enrollment materials including the  initial invoice.

  • Prepare termination letter for the existing carrier.

  • Health & Dental Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

Be sure to call us before you make a decision regarding your health insurance needs.

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