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Service is what we provide our clients, service above and beyond...

What Our Clients Say About Glisson Insurance!


Sure, we could tell you what a great job Glisson Insurance does for its clients, and how happy you'll be having us as your insurance agents. That's exactly what you would expect us to say. But we think you'd rather hear positive endorsements from our clients, the people who really count. That's why we've included so many glowing testimonials from our satisfied customers for you to read and consider.

Endorsements, testimonials, and referrals are hard to come by in any line of business, especially a service-oriented business, and we are thankful for each and every one we receive.

Service is what we provide our clients, service above and beyond that of other agencies. In the end, you will have a better plan, at a better rate, and better serviced than any plan you've had in the past.


"I have been using Glisson Insurance for our health insurance needs for several years. They are responsive to all of our needs. Their response to any of our questions is fast and professional and their knowledge is excellent.  Customer service is important to us, and they exceed in this area, providing quality service.  At renewal time, they are always able to present us with several affordable options for all of our employees."

-Barry Bilmes, Managing Director, Siperstein Dermatology  (January 2017)

"We have been dealing with Michele for several years, and have always been totally satisfied with her help and her efforts to get us the best prices and coverages available.  We certainly would recommend her company and would be happy to answer any questions a prospective client may have."

-Gina Vandroff, President, Yarnall Moving and Storage Solutions  (May 2012)


“I do not normally provide testimonials, but in the case of Michele Glisson

I am pleased to do so.”

-Phillip W. Nace Jr., President, Esprix Technologies L.P  (February 2010)

“Glisson Insurance was the perfect answer for our Benefits Program. Michele came to us prepared with everything we needed to put our program into action. Thank you Michele for your help, patience and knowledge of the insurance business.” 

Joanne Tremont, Vice President, Celestar Corporation  (June 2009)

“Michele Glisson has been handling our health insurance needs for so many years, I cannot even remember specifically how long it has been. During all these years, she has coordinated our health insurance programs when we were self insured and since we have become fully insured. Each year she assists us in evaluating the market so that we can be sure that we have the best program for our employees. In years we have had budget constraints, she has identified creative ways to reduce or hold costs. Over the years we have been approached by many other health insurance agents and at times we have entertained proposals from others. The bottom line is that we have made the decision to stay with Michele Glisson because we trust her and have confidence that she has an extensive knowledge of the health insurance market and a clear understanding of our needs.”

Phyllis K. Kessler, VP-Finance/CFO, Kalin Enterprises, Inc.  (February 2009)


“Our Tuffy Auto Service Center franchises have over sixty employees from twelve locations throughout the the state of Florida. Our locations cover the west coast of the state, from Pensacola to Fort Myers Beach. When looking to change insurance agents, we considered many different options. Ultimately, we chose Glisson Insurance because they promised to help us through our extremely difficult change from our current employee leasing company.
     Needless to say, I was a bit skeptical on how easy this transition would be. Our company has always employed an outside agent to handle health insurance and I was extremely worried that with this change, much of the work would slip through the cracks (and on to my desk!). Imagine my delight when I found this to be untrue.
     Michele not only kept her promise of ease of transition, but went above and beyond the expectations we had. The entire process was seamless and organized. She was patient with all the questions we had and always answered them in a timely manner and with expertise. She instituted a foolproof system that even someone unfamiliar with insurance laws and regulations could understand and execute well.
     I highly recommend Glisson Insurance for all of your needs. Their knowledge, combined with their excellent customer service, has proven to be a successful combination.”

Amy Zielenbach, Assistant Vice President, Vested Motors Holdings, Inc.,

parent company for Tuffy Auto Center  (July 2008)

Michele provides excellent and responsive health insurance services to the non-profit organization that I direct. On a subject that is often confusing and complex, Michele clearly explains and presents options. As a result she is a professional we trust. Although we are a small group, our organization and our employees get her full attention.  Michele comes with my highest recommendations.

-Johnette Isham, Executive Director, Realize Bradenton, Inc. (April 2011)

PLEASE NOTE: Client testimonials are the personal views of a select group of Glisson Insurance varied clients. These clients do not have a financial interest in Glisson Insurance, and were not paid to express these views and have no other interest in our relationship with Glisson Insurance other than a client relationship.  These opinions are not necessarily indicative of future performance and may not reflect the experience of all clients.

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Be sure to call us before you make a decision regarding your health insurance needs.

Glisson Insurance is ready to help you.
Glisson Insurance is ready to help you.
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